Central to many of the products and solutions we provide, BASE is a centralized and comprehensive content management system and publishing platform that includes print, online, e-marketing, and social.

BASE was developed to meet the needs of advertisers who rely on us to deliver effective marketing campaigns that drive leads and promote brand awareness across multiple platforms as well as content creators who need to easily manage and distribute original content.   Launched in 2009, our developers spent years working with publishing teams (editors esp) to help with the disruptive transition digital brought to the industry.  Full-time print editors were being asked to manage websites, newsletters, blogs, and social media - finding themselves swamped with disparate systems for each.

What sets BASE apart from other solutions is the breadth of our product compared to the other highly niche players in the content marketing marketplace and is able to scale accordingly.  BASE sits on a content management system foundation that promotes “write once and publish across all distribution channels” functionality that is fully integrated with products developed to monetize these efforts.  As importantly, BASE has been designed to maximize workflow efficiency for content producers and marketers including nuances such as image management capability, digital rights management, and directory management.  This integrated and comprehensive approach allows for rapid deployment and implementation.

Using the latest in open source technologies, BASE has been developed as a proprietary cloud based platform, workflow, and interface that are highly integrated. BASE actively supports Southcomm and includes 30 brands, 24 active websites and portals, 500,000 images, 500,000 content items, 100+ users, and over 4.3 million online visitors per month.  Recently, BASE has also been licensed for use at several external media companies.


  • Scheduling of content into buckets for use in print
  • Tagged content export into Adobe InDesign
  • High-res image workflow


  • Interface for editors/marketers to manage content
  • Taxonomy management
  • Digital asset management
  • Automated image processing
  • Document store


  • Digital signature
  • Boiler plate templates with easy to use right options
  • Ties rights to the actual content


  • Rapid deployment of new sites/pages
  • Robust, scalable architecture
  • Web hosting
  • Online scheduling of content within channels
  • Social media integration (Web 2.0)
  • Dynamic pages with relational content
  • Dynamic ad serving
  • Responsive design
  • Modular page structure


  • Automated deployment
  • Template management
  • Responsive design
  • Modular page structure